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Saturday, 16 November 2013

10 November 2013

Well, after many months of thinking about blogging and a few dabbles over the past few years, I've relaunched my blog. Previous blogs focused on a single theme but I found it was too easy to drift off topic. For example I competed in triathlon for a few years so I began a blog but when I stopped competing the blog also ran out of puff. Actually, the blog ran out of puff long before my competing did.

I also started a blog when my wife and I moved to the UK for a year but that never got momentum either. These days I'm back in Sydney, Australia and happy to be home!

So, this leaves me here, after a few false starts, some minimal blogging experience and considerably more subject matter to blog about!

The new blog domain Fit Busy Dad aims to encompass three major concepts that I consider important in my life. They are in no particular order but fit happy Dad sounded best as a domain name.

The fit part is important as it's my 'backbone' to optimal performance. If I'm not fit, or trying to get fit - to use the old car analogy -  I'm not firing on all cylinders.

Busy, which I'll feature in more detail in subsequent posts. Essentially. I have a full time job that involves teams across multiple time zones and a fair whack of travel required.

Dad speaks for itself, in that I'm a father of one wonderful boy with a little girl on the way! I'd list family too but I believe that's all part of being a good Dad. Being a father is very important to me and being a great husband is equally important in order to support my growing family.

My mission is to combine fit and busy and Dad to make it all work to be productive , supportive to my family and other readers and to make a difference in this life. Although there are many Mum or Mom blogs I haven't seen so many Dad blogs out there.

Incidentally I read a great blog about how to avoid being a fat Dad here.

So, a central tenet of my blog is a function of the whole name - by staying fit , managing multiple responsibilities and by being a Dad, I'm very busy! Therefore, I could argue that I don't have time to blog but perhaps it will help me, and others, be more productive and effective. I do actually cringe a little when I say "be effective" after watching the dystopian sci-fi "Oblivion" which I watched somewhere 35000ft above the Earth on a recent business trip. If you have seen it, or plan to, you will understand.

There are many things I wish to wrute about in the future. Topics will include health and nutrition including paleo & primal, balancing family responsibilities with fitness demands, adding value to the world by helping other busy parents and non-parents alike and leveraging the good that the universe offers to those whose eyes are open to it.

Other things of interest that I dabble with are systems to ease people's busy lives through building powerful habits and automating tasks in life to free up time for more productive pursuits. I'm also interested in interviewing people who have interesting stories to share which may lead to some podcasts.

My goal is to post once per week with perhaps some additional posts when I have additional material to share mid week before I forget! If there are certain challenges you would like me to discuss then please leave a comment in a constructive way and I'll be happy to consider!

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