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Sunday, 17 November 2013

17 November 2013 : Rainy days

So, it's been a week since I posted and it rained a lot. I also caught a cold but took wifey's advice and eased back on the work-outs at the gym. The one work-out I did complete almost saw me stuck under the bench press when I vaguely put to many weights on the bar and nearly crushed myself. Needless to say it was embarrassing but it was the best and only sit-up I did all week. No broken ribs or visible bruising but I learnt my lesson to take more care!

My job has me travelling for the next two weeks on a round-the-world ticket which will take me to  Boston, Seoul and Shanghai. Although the timezone variations will be  challenging I always enjoy the uninterrupted time on the plane where I can truly think deeply without interruptions.

So, from my mobile office at 35000 feet I plan to clear out my inbox to "inbox zero" status and get through a back log of tasks sitting in my "to be actioned" folder in Outlook. I must say, adopting the inbox zero approach to my corporate life a few years ago really improved my productivity and sanity, where I don't keep revisiting an migraine inducing inbox full of everything from spam to urgent requests.

In other news from the past week, I kept an eye on the gluten summit which kicked off on Monday and ran some very interesting presentations. As I'm gluten sensitive, gluten research is a topic very relevant to me. I'll probably buy the access pass as it's a good collection of material that I'll steadily work my way through.

Carb levels have not been so good this week but manageable. As I didn't work out so much I avoided 'carb backloading' too which is something I learnt from DH Kiefer's research on

As I'll be away for 2 weeks, I spent some quality time with my family on Sunday at our favourite restaurant. As we are experiencing heavy rain in Sydney we didn't make it to the beach. When we do, it almost feels like a mini-vacation and I feel much more rested for it!

I also received confirmation from a podcaster that I'll be featured on his podcast this week. I'm very excited about this and will provide the link once it goes to air.

Well, time for some precision packing to get me through the next 2 weeks. I'll pack my gym gear, heavy coat for northern hemisphere fall and will update again on "the road".

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